About Us

Feline Rescue (formerly known as Feline Lost And Found) started off as a register of reported lost animals in the Luton and Dunstable areas.

Soon it was apparent that there was nowhere for unwanted cats to go, something had to be done and from two kittens found in a Luton dustbin to an organisation that has rescued thousands of cats in over 20 years, Feline Rescue was born.

The purpose of Feline Rescue

  • To help unwanted and abandoned cats find good homes
  • To help neuter cats to stop unwanted kittens
  • To help prevent cruelty to cats
  • To educate people as to why their cats should be neutered
  • To help with small feral colonies:
    • Trap, neuter and then return
    • Feeding them whenever possible
    • Getting veterinary care when needed

Feline Cat Rescue is supported entirely by public donations. We are always looking for volunteers, even for a few hours a month. Particularly we need volunteers able to foster and give a temporary home to our rescue cats. We welcome any donations of used clothes or bedding, cat food or items we can sell on our stalls.

All funds raised go to the care of our furry friends.