The Team

Meet the team:


Amanda is a stalwart of Feline Cat Rescue, and her Luton home is an open door for adoptive cats, strays, foster mums and potential adoptive parents, not to mention her own three children!

Amanda took over day‐to‐day running of the charity when founding members stepped back from the day‐to‐day running. It wasn’t always an easy thing to do, and she might not have stuck at it had it not been for the tireless support of the volunteer team who shared her own passion, and the load when things got tough. The ringleader, Top Cat if you will, of Feline, Amanda doesn’t spend a single day not in the pursuit of caring for the lost, hurt and unwanted cats of this world. She likes nothing best than switching the FCR hotline off at the end of the day, getting under the blanket with hubby, a cup of tea and a clutter of warm cats purring in her lap.


Dawn is one of our busiest and most active foster mums. It’s likely that she’ll be the one to answer your call. Dawn has been fostering in Luton for Feline since 2008, and quickly became one of our key volunteers.

Dawn spends her days checking on and collecting reported strays, taking our foster cats to the vet for check‐ups and operations, organising door‐knocks where cats have been lost or abandoned, or as a public service where there have been feline diseases reported in the area. When there’s a difficult cat that spits and scratches, she’s the one we call! A mum as well, Dawn’s son is an honorary foster carer, and at 9 yrs old is at least as knowledgeable about cats as the other foster mums. Dawn finds taking care of kittens sometimes heart‐breaking when they don’t survive birth, but she welcomes all mischievous adult cats to her home.

In addition to inside pens she has a purpose‐built pen at the back of her house allowing her charges to have both inside space and fresh air for playtime. Dawn’s own cats are called Current and Colt.


Annette has been a fur foster mum since May 2014, and takes care of cats at her home in south Dunstable on the border of Hertfordshire.

In October 2013 Annette’s cat Humbug had to be put to sleep, and when she was ready to welcome a new member of the family she thought of Feline Cat Rescue, as she had adopted from them before. While browsing the site she came across our plea for new foster carers and thought that might be an even better way to help cats. She gave us a call, and talked through all the pros and cons of fostering, and after a few weeks accepted her first foster baby Lacey, a beautiful tabby stray who had been stealing food from a bird table for two weeks, before turning up with kittens Boots and Bows in tow! This was just the start of what would become Annette’s now Mad Cat House!

Annette’s favourite cats to care for are mums and kittens, alongside her own rescue cat Sweepy.


Marie is another of our long‐term foster mums, and has been with Feline Cat Rescue since 2005, based in Flitwick.

It all started when she adopted a kitten in 2003 from one of the stalwarts of FCR, Pearl. Marie was so inspired by Pearl’s dedication that she started to collect and donate raffle prizes for fundraising events, and food/litter/toys supplies for our many cats. In 2005 Marie said she’d be willing to help out if ever Pearl got stuck, and the rest is history! Since then their friendship has grown, alongside what might be considered their sub‐branch of FCR in Flitwick.

Marie’s big heart and attentiveness means she often takes pregnant cats, mothers and kittens, and hand rears – when the mother can’t or won’t rear her babies. She’s kitted her garden out with two private labour wards – a heated shed and children’s playhouse that act as private nurseries especially for mum’s who want privacy and space, which is invaluable to the charity. She has two human children, and three furry children, Kitty and Louie, and Charlie the dog.

If you think you could support Marie in Flitwick/Ampthill in any way, please call 01525 714057 for an informal chat.


Laura has been fostering with FCR since around 2008 and although she’s been a big part in recent years, has had to take a back seat for a while and foster temporarily.

An animal‐lover at heart, she’s nursed a menagerie of animals including chickens and rabbits at times, and gives each one special attention. This makes her perfect for the hand‐reared and only kittens that have no mum or siblings to show them how to be the best cat they can be. This also makes her ideal for coaxing our semi feral fosters back into domestic felinedom, to become loving pets for loving owners.

Laura lives in Luton with her two human children, partner, and Ozzie the dog.


Tannith is one of the newer members of the team, and has only been fostering since early 2015.

Having previously lived with someone with pet allergies, Tannith moved into her new Luton home and decided it was high time to make her house a home again by getting a whiskered friend. She felt it was more ethical to offer a home to unwanted abandoned cats, and looked for a local rescue site. Having seen the ways in which people were invited to help, she decided to offer her services as a foster mum. Now, working from home, she is able to welcome cats that are not well socialised with other cats or humans, and give them more of the TLC and special care they need to learn to trust again. Due to this, Tannith doesn’t have her own cat, but it doesn’t matter as she falls in love with every new cat she gets to share her home with, for as little or as long as it takes to find them the perfect home!


Like so many friends and family members of the volunteers of FCR who get drawn into our work, Libby, Amanda’s daughter has become an honorary fosterer in her own right, and with her own set of special skills. Although she’s at university now, she’s a miracle worker with some of our most difficult cases. She gives tender care to our smallest and most precious kittens, hand rearing them, bathing them, acting as physiotherapist at times, or winning round shy cats. In addition she’s skilled at trapping and transferring stray tom cats that need removing from local communities for cat welfare. If Amanda or Dawn don’t pick up your call, you’ll be in Libby’s capable hands.

Andre & Doreen

Andre & Doreen couldn’t even tell you when they first started working with FCR. But they can tell you a heart‐warming tale about how they met over a cat. Doreen’s cat was called Gillan, the name of the lead singer of Andre’s favourite band Deep Purple and the rest was history. Doreen began collecting bric ‘a’ brac for fundraisers for Feline Cat Rescue, and when FCR’s old web designer had to say goodbye to the charity, web designer Andre offered to step in.

Although they don’t foster for the charity per se, they’ve always hosted an informal Cat Café for all sorts of wanderers, traveling toms, labouring mums and lost kittens that just seem to instinctively know they’ll find a safe place, dry spot, food, water and welcome for as long as they want it.


Another of FCR’s unwitting ‘volunteers‐by‐proxy’, Amanda’s sister Ann is a back‐up, stopgap and last bastion, and is therefore generally conned into helping with anything FCR urgently needs help with. Ann is midwife and attendant to numerous nursing mums and shy kittens, two of which she fell in love with and kept for her very own.

She’s based in St Albans but since moving has less space to foster cats and has to turn down our pleas even when we turn on our (or our cats’) big soulful eyes to convince her. She loves helping out on our fundraising stalls which are always a great day out, except when work and family commitments means this is not possible.


Pearl has been involved with Feline Cat Rescue from very early on its in history. Prior to 1990 Pearl was working with Cats Protection, before moving to Feline Cat Rescue where she has since set up what might be considered a second branch of FCR in Flitwick. Together with Marie, this sub‐branch operates almost independently and over the years has developed a strong network of local people who support with donations and fundraising, and who rely on Marie and Pearl to support their feline friends.

Pearl has helped literally thousands of cats over the years, kitting out her house and garden with pens to house all the needy cases, and is well known amongst the Flitwick community (both human and furred!) However due to failing health, Pearl’s diligent and heroic support for Feline Cat Rescue must take a backseat, and although Pearl is still a figurehead for the charity, is more content to support with collection of food and knitting our popular wool mice for cat toys.

We at Feline Cat Rescue would like to say a grateful thank you for everything Pearl has done to further our work, and secure the charity’s future. If you think you could support Marie in Flitwick/Ampthill in any way, please call 01525 714057 for an informal chat.


Like Pearl, Brenda has also been involved with Feline Cat Rescue from very early on in the charity history, initially as a fosterer. However Brenda (a problem many of our fosterers struggle with!) had a wee problem with the rehoming side of thing. In short Brenda fell in love with all the cats, and in time ended up with 25 of them!

So to avoid the heartbreak of letting go, or the mounting cost of cat food, Brenda instead started to support our fundraising efforts and administration. Naturally, Brenda wasn’t about to step back from cats altogether, and so carved out a useful role looking after the cats that were unlikely to be rehomed, due to health issues. This included those with diabetes requiring injections, or those needing constant medications, and she gave them all a happy and loving home where there might have been no other life possible. Additionally she responsibly made provision for all the cats in her care with the Cinnamon Trust to ensure that if she died, all the cats would be taken care of.

Unfortunately like Pearl, after a lifetime of helping animals Brenda is now in poor health and cannot support FCR the way she once could. Again, we are so grateful for all that Brenda did, and say thank you to her on behalf of ourselves, our patrons and our furry friends.


As so often with charity volunteers, Carol was an unsuspecting associate of one of our fosterers, when a love of cats brought the charity work to her attention, and before she knew what she was doing, Carol was running our Luton Market stall! (Please find more details of this on our Events page)

You will find Carol here every day the indoor market is running at The Mall in Luton, where she sells goods to raise money for FCR. If you have any goods for donation, please contact her on 01582 419389 or pop along to the stall one day! We would be delighted for your kind help!


Ellen is a lovely young lady Amanda met at the vets whilst she was doing work experience. Ellen said she would love to help if needed, and soon was the recipient of a litter of non‐weened kittens for the charity whilst vacations made foster cover difficult. Ellen did a great job, though true to catloving form, ended up keeping one! Ellen has also recently stepped in to look after some ferals and hand‐rears, marking her out as a useful and adaptable reserve fosterer. Thankfully Ellen’s family are all animal lovers, and the relationship benefits both FCR and herself as she is studying animal care at college.


Simon came to us through a volunteering site to do odd jobs, but soon became initiated as a Cat Catcher! Simon has since taken on a mum and kittens to foster when vacations made foster cover difficult. Simon too fell in love with two of his charges, and is keeping mum and one kitten, but remains willing to help out on rescues when needed.