Can you help?


We urgently need more foster homes, especially in the kitten season.
If you foster for us we will supply food, litter and pay all vets bills and one of us is always there to help with queries and to give help and advice. You will never be left to just "get on with it" alone.

What we’re looking for in a fosterer
The Pros and Cons of being a Fosterer


Although we don't collect cats we rescue, or deliver them to their new homes, apart from exceptional circumstances, we often need to transport cats and kittens to and from vets and also to foster homes from time to time.

If you have a car and would like to help, please contact Amanda.

Donations in kind

STOP! before you throw out that tatty blanket, towel or old clothes give us a thought.

It is not only financial donations we are looking for. You can donate clothing and bedding, we are always looking for blankets and such to give a comfy bed.

Any good quality items you have no use for?

We are always looking for items to sell at our fundraising Fetes and events.

We also have collection boxes for the donation of food and toys, essential for kittens.


If fostering or transport are not for you then join our small but happy band of fundraisers. We need to keep our wonderful vets happy by keeping their bills in the black (chance would be a fine thing!), but they understand what we try to do and are very patient with us. We do tombolas, car boot sales, craft fairs, bazaars and always welcome fundraising ideas - please see the Fundraising page for details of events.

We always welcome donations of:

  • saleable goods
  • tombola prizes
  • craft items

To look after the animals that come into our care we need donations of:

  • clean bedding
  • lots of cat food
  • cat toys
  • cat litter